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Industrial production in the district is based upon utilization of forest resources. Main industries are timber harvesting, wood processing, cardboard making. A total of 216 enterprises are registered in the district (1.2% of Republic of Karelia total). Eight large and medium industrial enterprises are situated in the territory (1 - machinery building, 3 - timber harvesting and wood processing, 1 - pulp-and-paper industry, 1 - food industry, 1 - printing and publishing, 1 - mining and extraction).

Industrial production volumes of large and medium enterprises were growing between 1992 and 1998, showing some decline since 1999.

The principal industrial enterprises of the district are: "Zapkarelles" Ltd, "Suojärvskaya kartontara" PLC (cardboard factory), "Porosozero" PLC, "Suojärvsky lesopunkt" municipal enterprise (logging depot), "Suojärvsky khlebozavod" state-owned bakery, "Suojärvskaya tipographija" state-owned printing house, "Moloko" LLP, "Areal" LLP, branch of the Petrozavodsk saw-milling and furniture-making factory, Crushed stone quarry. They mainly represent the logging, wood processing and pulp-&-paper industries, which contribute 95% of the total industrial product. Forest resources are the foundation of the district economy.

Allowable annual cut in the district is 817,100 cub. m (Suojärvi leskhoz - 541,600 cub. m, Porosozero leskhoz - 275,500 cub. m).

Enterprises of the district harvest and haul out 715,400 m3 of timber, process 594,000 m3 into roundwood, produce 87,900 m3 of lumber. 90% of the allowable annual cut is harvested.

The following types of industrial products are manufactured in the district:

  • roundwood;
  • lumber;
  • ties;
  • parquet;
  • chips;
  • cardboard;
  • cardboard boxes, incl. for export.

Mean registered employment in the industrial sphere is 3,900 persons.

Large and medium enterprises manufactured RUR 696 million worth products (EUR 23.2 mln) per year, i.e. RUR 29617 (EUR 987.2) per district resident. This output accounts for 2.3% of Republic of Karelia industrial production.

The district has 47 registered small enterprises employing 350 in total, i.e. 3.3% of all employment. Most small enterprises operate in trade, and only 2 practice industrial activities.

Information on organization of industrial production in the Suojärvi District is summarized in the table.

IndustriesLogging, wood processing, cardboard making, crushed stone production
No of economic entities216 enterprises and organizations (1.2% of RK total)
Small enterprises47 (350 employees), (3.3% of district employment, 8% of products, services)
Sole traders174 entrepreneurs (2.5% of RK total)
Companies with foreign capital1 enterprise (12 employees)
Large and medium enterprises9 enterprises (1-machinery building,
4-logging and wood processing
1-pulp-&-paper, 1-mining and extraction,
1-foods, 1-printing and publishing)
Principal industrial enterprises"Zapkarelles" Ltd,
"Suojärvskaya kartontara" PLC (cardboard factory),
"Porosozero" PLC,
"Suojärvsky lesopunkt" municipal enterprise (logging depot),
"Suojärvsky khlebozavod" state-owned bakery,
"Suojärvskaya tipographija" state-owned printing house,
"Moloko" LLP,
"Areal" LLP,
Crushed stone quarry
Large and medium enterprise production volumesRUR 696 mln (EUR 23.2 mln) per year. (2.3% of RK total, 97.6% of district total)
Industrial productsRound timber, lumber, ties, parquet, chips, cardboard, cardboard boxes, incl. for export
Mean registered employment in the industrial sphere3,900

Experts: E. Nemkovich, Yu. Saveliev

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Last modified on April 28, 2005