Development of Koitajoki-Tolvojarvi
National Park
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1. Improvement of the operational capabilities of the transboundary enterprises working in the Tolvajärvi area and Koitajoki National Park.

1.1. Setting up of the entrepreneurial centre in Suojärvi. Upon the project completion it will operate on a permanent basis ensuring constant and direct contacts between businesses in the Suojärvi District and Finland.

1.2. Organization of a comprehensive training event "Nature and culture guidance and promotion of sustainable tourism in Tolvajärvi area" with participants from Russia and Finland representing ministries and departments, local administration, businesses, experts in ecology and nature conservation, and with wide involvement of local people.

1.3 On-site training session for local entrepreneurs "Utilization, maintenance and repair of nature tourism small-scale infrastructure" covering the following aspects: assessment of the condition of structures, their operation, maintenance and repair, waste disposal, etc.

2. Promotion of new sustainable development enterprises basing on the Suojärvi District renewable natural resources and excellent position near the Finnish border and Värtsilä international checkpoint.

2.1. Making the Plan for satisfying the Tolvajärvi area energy demand with renewable energy sources.

2.2. Survey of the Suojärvi District enterprises, their growth capacities and skills in national and international trade and co-operation, including the following components: socio-economic situation in the district; analysis of the present-day status of enterprises and capacities for business development; assessment of the enterprises' production potential and perspectives for the development of their foreign trade activities; assessment of investment demands.

3. Improving nature tourism infrastructure and strengthening the image of the Tolvajärvi landscape reserve and Koitajoki National Park as a centre for transboundary nature and culture tourism and environmental education.

3.1. Assessment of the road network and roadside landscapes around Tolvajärvi village, e.g. roads Raikonkoski-Tolvajärvi and Tolvajärvi-Ristisalmi. Road repair and roadside landscaping.

3.2. Restoration of the traditional village landscape in the Tolvajärvi village area.

3.3. Fencing three old cemeteries with traditional wooden fences (training of local fence builders), restoration of 3 crosses. The model for these actions will be drawn from the newly compiled study of the 1930's village landscape.

3.4. Development and facilitation of a new historical and cultural trail around the old Tolvajärvi village relying on archival materials. The trail will be c. 2.5 km long, with information boards by each site of interest. The trail will be planned so as to comprise tourist facilities built earlier.

Photo by Igor Gueorgievskiy

3.5. Publication of materials on the cultural and natural heritage of the area for environmental education and promotion of nature tourism.

4. Improving the status of the Tolvajärvi landscape reserve and Koitajoki National Park.

4.1. The administrational work to legalise the status of the transboundary Karelian Biosphere Reserve will be continued.

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Last modified on July 28, 2005