Development of Koitajoki-Tolvojarvi
National Park
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Russian version "Tolvajärvi" state landscape reserve
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  1. Title - "Tolvajärvi" landscape reserve
  2. NN of compartments (units) - Suojärvi leskhoz (forest management unit), Tolvajärvi forest district - comp.: 51-58,69-77,101-107,113-118,123-127,131-134; Vegarus forest district 16-18, 29-32,42,55,68-70,81-84, incl. core areas - none
  3. Total area - 41877 ha, incl. state forest land - 41877 ha
  4. Core areas - none
  5. Level - regional
  6. Profile - landscape reserve
  7. Designated by the Decree of Republic of Karelia Government 253 dated 06.04.1995
  8. Organization responsible for protection - Suojärvi leskhoz
  9. Use regulations (set by the Statute). Clear-cutting is prohibited (except in tapped stands)
  10. Executive summary. Forest use planning survey done in 1995. Updated as of 1.01.2001 (ha):
    Forested, incl. forest plantations: 28735.0
    Mires: 7214.4
    Water bodies: 5580.2
    Other categories (farmland, etc.): 347.4
    Pine forests: 22137.0
    Spruce forests: 5277.5
    Birch forests: 1241.7
    Aspen forests: 65.8
    Alder forests: 13.0
    Young: 11823.8
    Middle-aged: 7153.0
    Ripening: 2964.8
    Mature and old-growth: 3506.8 & 3287.4
    Total standing stock: 3,276,980 m3
  11. Current situation and value evaluated by nature conservation criteria. A valuable recreational area, chiefly the Tolvajärvi lake-river system with waterside areas. This is the place for active recreation of local visitors and tourists, from Finland as well. The rest of the area - its peripheral parts - is quite common for southern Karelia. The nature conservation value of the forest communities is not so high. Nearly all the forests were subjected to clear- and selective felling in the past. They do however regenerate quite successfully in a natural way. Small fragments of pristine forest have survived along the lakes and rivers only. In a substantial part of the territory forest was tapped using chemical stimulants. Some of these stands are now declining and selective salvage fellings are needed there.

Fig. 1. Map of the "Tolvajärvi" landscape reserve

Fig.2. Tapped pine trees on esker ridges by Lake Tolvajärvi

Fig.3. Some pine trees have died back already

Another problem is upgrading of the "Reserve Statute". It currently states only that "clear-cutting is prohibited with the exception of tapped stands" and that "forestry measures" are permitted. This means that commercial non-clear fellings (selective and gradual) can be done. Amendments are to be made to the "Statute" to exclude non-clear fellings and the possibility of using landscaping fellings for raising the recreational attraction of the area.

Expert: A, Gromtsev
Photos by: I. Gueorgievskiy

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